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OSSI is a leading provider of enterprise-class point of sale and customer management hardware and software solutions primarily for hospitality institutions, including resorts, restaurants & foodservice, retail, and gyms & clubs. OSSI offers an integrated suite of solutions built on an enterprise platform that drives the full lifecycle of processes in an integrated, streamlined manner and significantly improves efficiency and effectiveness across the organization.


Designed to support the key business objectives of leading hospitality institutions, OSSI delivers integrated, modular solutions built on industry best practices for sales, communications, marketing, customer loyalty, reporting, and practice management. OSSI solutions and platform enable organizations to extend their capabilities, consolidate data and resources, integrate their existing solutions and streamline organization-wide processes to deliver immediate and tangible benefits that include:

  • INCREASED REVENUE through detailed reporting, inventory monitoring and practice management capabilities
  • IMPROVED EFFICIENCY through integrated systems, improved collaboration, consolidated views and faster access to information
  • ENHANCED CUSTOMER SERVICE via detailed customer tracking and profiling allowing personalized service
  • REDUCED ONGOING TECHNOLOGY COSTS through a comprehensive platform that enables flexible and cost-effective integration and deployment of technology to meet ongoing needs

OSSI offers a compelling value proposition for organizations to leverage their investment in individual solutions by implementing a enterprise-wide management technology platform that helps them to reduce the costs and complexity of integration with an ultimate goal of an complete integrated solution.



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