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On Location

OSSI provides all of the enterprise technology tools to manage all of the on location activities from point of sale to database to music to phones.

Access From Home

Through advanced online portals and self service telephony applications your service and brand can extend and be accessed from from the customers home. Most system functions can be made available for online home access.

On The Go

A wide array of mobile applications accessed through cell phone websites, iPhone applications, BlackBerries, Windows Mobile devices, Android phones, and other specific operating systems can allow the customer to always feel connected.

OSSI 10XMO Button Show creation design lighting industrial control signage


Architectural design services for lighting, video mapping, signage, and environmental systems.

App Jockey

Custom mobile app design
and development.

OSSI Assetika


Asset management system allowing automated asset entry, asset verification and management through the web browser or mobile app.

OSSI Bait Cars Button Law Enforcement


Custom designed covert technology for vehicles and related assets to provide real time and historical tracking information, along with remote control and video surveillance.


Custom built online store,
e-commerce, and ticketing systems.

OSSI JurassicParking Button parking database technology parking operations

Jurassic Parking

Systems to support parking management, including both on-street and off-street sensors, pay stations, meters, web portals, signage, counting, reconciliation, and maintenance information.

OSSI Mobitub Button hyper-local social systems for on location services


Hyper-local social systems delivered via wifi and mobile apps to allow for on-location food ordering, games, drinks, and other activities at stadiums and convention centers.

OSSI Phonerous Button interactive telephony applications for both telephone and SMS text messaging


Interactive telephony applications for both telephone and
SMS text messaging – phone systems, IVR systems, and SMS systems.

OSSI TallySmart Button Survey systems tracking data input apparatuses

Tally Smart

Survey systems for tracking survey data, building custom surveys and survey input apparatuses.

OSSI HelpMeBlue Button Interactive project management

Help Me Blue

Technology for managing
on-site services such as landscaping, contracting, and more.

Munispeed Logo OSSI


Management and database services for municipal clients.

OSSI Ossicom Communicator Button


Two way mobile communicator allowing real time communication through restricted cellular devices.

OSSI Priority Ventures Button

Priority Ventures

Management that oversees properties and physical assets.

OSSI SuddenData Button Database management

Sudden Data

Providing big data analysis, custom dashboards, and deep queries to make your data come alive.

OSSI Yosap Button Portal services creating custom portals and dashboards


Knowledge base and internal intranet systems designed to streamline internal communications and data storage.

XYZ123 Button Hosting services for web applications


Portal and cloud based hosting services for OSSI applications.

Passive Umbrella

Passive wifi and video detection for counting and tracking people and objects and finding trend data.

Point of Sale systems for retail, quick service, full service, and customized outlets.

Variable SIgns OSSIVariable Signs

Digital way finding signage solutions allowing low cost directional and informational signage.

Relay OSSI

Relay File

Fast and easy file transfer for large files.


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