OSSI Products and Services are designed for a variety of different industries, some of which may not even be listed here. Please browse the different applications we have invisioned for our products and if you would like us to figure out how to apply our systems to your industry please contact us.


Through powerful dynamic digital signage systems customized for your displays, whether they are large LED, tiled video walls, projection video mapping, touchscreen or interactive kiosks, or some new custom display. More than just digital signage, the OSSI solution will allow you to track all static signage such as banners and backlit signs, manage production, posting, maintenance, work orders, and all of the logistics involved with operating a complete signage system.


OSSI solutions for airports includes our digital signage system, digital reservation boards, touchscreen directories and way finding systems, WiFi captive portals for advertising and engagement, interactive displays, interior location based services through beacons and WiFi, personnel tracking to know the location of staff and heat maps of passengers, digital lost and found services, live wait times for food and beverage, in-seat ordering, and much more.


The OSSI ERP tool allows you to build and manage all of your data trough a fully customized work flow and data flow. Every excel sheet you use to track information can be created into a live multi-user form with permissions based access. All files can be scanned and stored in a centralized location with advanced searching capabilities. Users can access all information through a web browser or a native application on their mobile device. From small to medium sized businesses, the OSSI ERP solutions gives you the ability to create a customized database system to track customers, sales, service, inventory, and other records quickly and efficiently the way you want to without having to compromise or change the way you do business.


Casinos need live data, and using the OSSI reporting and metrics systems allows you to track much more than just ordinary gaming. With OSSI systems, project live heat maps of guests, detect repeat guests automatically and their common paths, automatically recognize preferred guests and notify a hospitality representative, automatically push deals and specials to guests on the floor based on real time metrics. Creating your own database to track location information, along with our other solutions, will set you apart from the crowd. With our show design group, customized video mapping, lighting effects, water effects, and show technologies can be combined to create a unique and lasting guest experience.


In a sea of tradeshows you need the next thing to set you apart. OSSI builds custom solutions for both the convention center and the individual tradeshow booth. For the center, usage of our powerful mobile food and beverage ordering platform and digital signage products will allow your guests a wonderful experience and time to explore your facilities. For the tradeshow, a custom designed and built booth with custom programmed lighting and video effects along with enhanced floor prototypes are in store with you when you work with an OSSI representative.


Cruise ships are a contained floating city that are inhabited for a week at a time, and because of this a powerful signage and way finding solution is necessary. Using the OSSI platform a fully customized comprehensive experience can be achieved.


Providing power data collection and reporting tools allows a municipality more time to work with their citizens. Through our database and asset tracking technologies, a municipality could quickly and efficiently track and map all of their signage, street furniture, striping, and other assets on a map and then connect it to a customer service call center to track issues and requests and automatically dispatch repair people as assets need attention. All custom data requirements and forms can be programmed in to allow a faster and more streamlined process in staying compliant.


In a healthcare setting knowing where you are, where you want to be, and what is around you can be difficult. Using the OSSI way finding and signage tools you can allow visitors to quickly find locations, order food, get information, and stay focused on what is most important.

Hotels & Resorts

In a guest centric environment data is key, from transportation to lost and found to activities. Using the OSSI solutions will allow you to create a comprehensive digital signage network, informative mobile applications to assist guests during their stay, interactive phone systems allowing the fastest and most efficient handling of phone calls, true database storage to track and store all maintenance and people flow data, location based services to allow accurate way finding and historical information, and tracking tools to digitize and handle all those excel sheets easier. With our show design group, customized video mapping, lighting effects, water effects, and show technologies can be combined to create a unique and lasting guest experience.


An industry that has a tremendous upside when you have access to the information, use the OSSI ERP system to track the location and real time usage of all of your parking assets, current occupancy, download reports from pay stations, reconcile multiple vendors or pay stations, track maintenance issues, dispatch work orders, real time gps tracking of staff, outdoor directional signage, mobile bike share systems, computerized validation and coupon systems based on availability, and more.


One of our earliest markets was our restaurant point of sale system, which has now grown to include mobile POS, digital menu boards, tabletop menus and ordering, live queuing, food information, and customized environmental installations such as lighting and visual effects. Usage of our traffic analytics packages will allow you to know how many people walk past the front door vs. how many enter, and what your repeat visit time is and any trends that may exist.


Data analytics will set your retail store apart from the rest, knowing how long people look at an object before they purchase, how many times they repeat your store and average purchase amounts and advanced point of sale solutions. Using the OSSI data system you can manage your scheduling, time clock, attendance, passby, calls to action, mailings, signage, security, and point of sale all from a single interface.


Creating student information system, registration systems, and notification systems will allow the school community to stay close. The OSSI system will allow you to create advanced donation and fundraisers, sell tickets and track detailed location based attendance to events, track special sign ups, and manage all of the one-off data required in a diverse educational environment.

Stadiums/Arenas/Theme Parks

Mobile ordering with centralized food pickup or seat delivery, interactive social games, dynamic location based way finding, and advanced digital signage tools are some of the benefits a stadium can gather from the OSSI data system. When combined with the OSSI people analytics package you can study the actual flow of people, repeat traffic patterns, lost people, hot spots, and real time information to allow you to respond to customer service issues and become more profitable. With our show design group, customized video mapping, lighting effects, water effects, and show technologies can be combined to create a unique and lasting guest experience.


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